Patterned Glass

Patterned Glass


New Saray Patterned Glass has a texture imprinted onto its surface and used for decorative purposes.


​One of the most natural materials used in home and office design, glass will bring the shiny touch of the sun to the interiors where you live.

Patterned glasses are produced for an aesthetic interior design, and bring out the elegance in living areas.

It allows new ideas and creative designs come alive.

It imparts a sense of light and spaciousness to dim and cramped areas.

It offers innovative solutions in interior and exterior design by designers and architects.

It offers light and privacy simultaneously.

Every design offers a different level of vision control depending on your needs in your designs and projects.

Lamination gives it the qualities of a security and safety glass.

It can be used in places requiring security after being tempered.

It can be given different visual characteristics with the application of mirror on its patterned surfaces.


New Saray Patterned Glass is produced in accordance with the standard: EN 572-5 Glass for buildings - Basic soda lime silicate glass products - Section 5: Patterned glass.


Patterned Glass Brochure​​